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My Comenius Diary from Turkey

Réalisé dans le cadre de la formation
BAC Pro Métiers du Commerce et de la Vente option B

Dans le cadre de sa section européenne et plus précisément du Coménius, les élèves de la section Vente vont à la rencontre de leurs homologues européens. Cette année, les élèves de 1ère Vente, sous l'égide de Michelle Dao et d'Isabelle Rosso, sont allés ... en Turquie, à Izmir. Mais laissons le clavier, plutôt que la plume, à Morgane Jaubert, dans une compte-rendu tout en anglais. Profitez de cette lecture pour revoir voir votre anglais, quitte à ouvrir un dictionnaire, ce qui ne peut faire de mal à personne.


My Comenius Diary from Turkey

I went to Izmir, in Turkey, with my schoolmates Louisa, Marie-Sophie and Isabelle, from 3rd to 8th November . We took the plane from Marseille to Istanbul (it was a one hour flight) and from Istanbul to Izmir (four hours!) I was really excited to take the plane for the second time but the trip was too long even if I slept all along!

The Turkish students welcomed us at Izmir airport, they carried our baggage; it was really nice and funny. Then we took the metro for 16 stations and we finally arrived at the hotel Öğretmenevi .The hotel was a little dirty but I enjoyed being there with my friends. But what I did not enjoy at all was the breakfast, no milk, no juice, only Cucumber and tomato!
On the first day, we played games to learn to know each other, it was really funny, I really enjoyed it. Then it was the time of the European picnic, I just ate Turkish food, it was my favourite! Then we made the traditional “Rules and expectations” activity and we presented our production about condoms and I think the partners enjoyed it (actually the video we showed them was really funny…)

During the rest of the week we did many activities like: creating a slogan, doing a big puzzle illustrating our Comenius project, and making a calendar. Each partner country had to illustrate its own page. With my group we made the French one with photos we had taken in our school, it was perfect for us.
We also visited different places like the House of the Virgin Mary and the Sirince Village. But my favourite was Ephesus because of the landscape, the ruins and cause we saw one of the wonders of the world, Ephesus’s Library! A wonder!

On Thursday night, we had a Party. Every Partner presented their national dance! I think our dance was the worse one but it doesn’t matter for me, because we had fun with the other students and it’s the most important.

I'm glad that my teachers let me the opportunity to spend this amazing week in Izmir. This week has allowed me to see again the friends I met in Spain and I think that my English is better. I will never forget the Turkish and Spanish students.

by Morgane Jaubert – 1 BPV- Nov.2013

Les photos du voyage c'est ici